4 Ways To Use Utility Trailers At Music Festivals

Attending a large music festival is a great way meet and connect with all kinds of people. A number of these festivals last for multiple days and feature large fields or lots filled with people camping throughout the whole event. If you plan on staying through a whole music festival, then it's important to be prepared and ready for multiple days of events. One way to help you at your camping spot is with a utility trailer. These small open-air trailers can hitch on the back of your vehicle and provide you with plenty of uses through the festival. Browse through the following four ways a utility trailer can be used during a music festival and brainstorm additional ways to use them during your time there.

Tent Areas

For festival sleeping areas, it's common for many people to pitch a tent right on the ground. Not only can the ground create an uncomfortable base with sticks and rocks, but there are weather hazards to consider. One rainfall can turn festival grounds into a giant mud pit. Instead of sacrificing your sleep and lounging in mud for multiple days, you can lie comfortably in a tent that has been pitched on the top of the utility trailer. The flat base of a trailer provides a smooth surface for a tent, and the elevation can make it easy to avoid any weather-related issues. In the morning, your tent door can open up to the extra space on the utility trailer and provide you with a nice area to sit, relax, and enjoy a little breakfast.

Grilling Areas

After a long day of concerts and performances, you can build up quite an appetite at a music festival. Instead of waiting through long lines and dealing with overpriced food, you can quickly create your meals by turning the base of a utility trailer into a grilling station. The flat area of the utility trailer can keep your grill stable as you cook all types of foods. The metal grates and ramps on the utility trailer allow you to lock up coolers and cooking accessories so only you have access to them. Using fold up chairs, you can enjoy your meals right on the utility trailer with a few friends.

Small Music Stage

Attending a music festival is about everyone sharing all types of music. If you play music yourself, then you can turn a utility trailer into a small stage for performances in parking lots or camping areas. The space available on a trailer can keep you elevated enough for fans to see. It's a great place to play an acoustic set or use some battery-powered wireless equipment. When jamming out with friends and new acquaintances, each person can alternate their use on the utility trailer. This allows you to continue the great music even after the main acts have stopped playing for the day.

Merchandise Booths

Music festivals are also a great place for vendors to sell all kinds of goods. You can sell basic food and supplies, or gear catered specifically to the festival. By following a few guides and tips, you can easily sign up to sell goods at a festival. A utility trailer is a great way to stay organized and draw attention to your items for sale. When heading to the festival, the trailer provides an easy way to transport all of the items and keep them organized. Once you are there, you can set up a table right on the trailer and feature all of the merchandise you have for sale. When the festival ends, it's easy to pack up the trailer and drive back home. This will help you save a lot of time and is a great way to earn extra money. If you attend multiple festivals, you can easily pay off the money you paid for the trailer in the first place.

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