Bakcyard Wind Art: 4 Types Of Auto Parts Ideal For Crafting

Wind art is a great way to turn naturally blowing wind into natural sounds and visuals for your yard. When creating wind art, there are a variety of materials you can use to create moving objects that react with the wind. One way to get a variety of unique designs is by purchasing auto parts. Shopping for used auto parts gives you the ability to find great discounts and assemble all types of designs. Instead of starting with a blank slate, you can get a good idea of what auto parts to look for and use within your artistic creations. The following four auto parts are great for creating wind art and can be purchased from a number of used auto parts stores.

Exhaust Pipes

The underside of a car often features a maze of pies used for cooling, heating, and the main exhaust of a vehicle. Not only are these pipes ideal for operating a car, but they can make great pieces for use in your wind art. To ensure long-lasting durability, exhaust pipes are typically really strong and withstand all kinds of weather. This makes them ideal for decorating outdoor pieces of wind art. The pipes themselves can be cut or broken down into different sized pieces. When constructing a piece of wind art, the pipes can dangle and act like giant wind chimes.

The different shapes and sizes that you find can create all different sounds as they blow into the wind. You can even pair wind pipes with a large muffler piece that can create loud and hollow sounds as they clang together in the wind. Spray paint can be used on the pipes to create an array of different color designs and tones.

Tire Rims

Tire rims come in all shapes, styles, and designs. When viewed on their own, they are truly a work of art that can create a unique feature on your pieces of wind art. Tire rims are ideal for adding spinning parts on the wind art. You can mount the rims on a spinning bar that moves freely with the wind. When shopping for used auto parts, you can select rims as a set or purchase a variety of individual designs. Newer rims may have a chrome finish to them, without the need for any touch-ups or additional paint. Older rims may be worn and rusty, but you can usually purchase them for cheaper and add your own custom colors to the design. When the rims are set up to spin all at once, it can create a great visual design for your yard.

Cooling Fans

A cooling fan is located in front of the engine on many vehicles. These fans help regulate the temperature in the vehicle and can create a great piece for the wind art you create. The fans often feature large, wide blades that can be set up to spin naturally on a piece of art. They come in all different sizes depending on the vehicle that they were used for. This allows you to purchase a variety of sizes for use with the art. You can easily add painted decals and other decorations to the fan blades for use within your art designs.

Car Shocks & Springs

Shocks and springs are unique looking parts that can add to the design of your wind art. Smaller springs found in cars can help create flexible attachments for other metal pieces and parts. For example, when the wind blows, a vertical spring can swing back and forth, moving with the wind and also moving anything that it is attached to. Large car shocks can be used to attach cooling fans, small pin wheels, and other fun designs that interact with the wind. Car shocks can also be hung with exhaust pipes to create wind chime sound effects for your yard. Playing around with the different parts will help you come up with different creations.

With these parts in mind, you can easily contact used part sellers to get various prices. Sometimes you can find package deals and discounts on mass parts.