Order Up A Tow Truck? How Car Service Apps Paved The Way

Right now, when your car breaks down or gets into an accident, you either call a tow service you know and trust, call your insurance company to use your towing insurance, or call roadside assistance via your automotive association. If you have none of the above or you are too far from home to use your preferred towing service, you may feel stuck to take service from whomever you can locate. However, with the introduction of car service apps and private drivers, the way has been paved for other automotive services to be consumed via an app. Here is how your towing service call might look the next time you need a tow and you are far from home.

Joining the Towing App

Car and driver services require that consumers download and use their apps to order a car and driver. They offer nice incentives, like so many miles per ride for free. A towing app is quite similar. You would have to download the app and join the service. Then the towing companies and tow truck drivers who participate in this service would offer discounts on their services, such as first three miles are free, or first service after downloading the app is free, etc. 

Using the App to Request a Tow

Just like the car and driver apps now, a towing app would allow you to request a tow based on driver pricing, type of tow truck, and tow truck service estimate. You could select which truck and driver you wanted to come help you. Then you would pay for the service in advance through the app and wait until the driver arrives.

The geo-location services inside current driving apps help drivers find customers. This is one feature that has definitely revolutionized the towing industry, since it is often difficult for towing companies to locate customers by things the customers describe or by unknown street locations. In return, customers are able to see where their ordered tow trucks are, and the estimated window of arrival, something which often makes customers anxious because they are stuck and worried about getting their vehicles off the road and getting out of this situation.

Getting a Regional App to Do the Job

Currently, there are some apps that have signed on numerous towing companies and drivers nationwide. However, many individual franchise companies have these apps and are testing them with consumers. It is quite possible that the next time you need a tow, you will be able to download a "call for service" towing app that allows you to call for a tow truck no matter where you are in the country.