Options To Assist With Unloading Your Old, Broken Down Car

If you recently purchased a new automobile to replace the old, broken down car that you used to drive, you may find yourself wondering about what to with the vehicle that you no longer need. The following options will help you unload the car and free up some space in your driveway.

Sell Your Vehicle To A Scrap Yard

Some scrap yards will purchase vehicles in order to obtain metal. Since metal is a commodity that fluctuates in value, call scrap yard owners who operate in your town to find out if they are willing to purchase your old vehicle and how much they are willing to pay per pound for the metal that your car is constructed of. Compare rates before deciding upon a scrap yard to sell your vehicle to.

Before getting rid of your vehicle, clean out its interior and trunk and locate the car's title. Make arrangements with a scrap yard owner to drop off your car or have it picked up by a tow truck. In most cases, a scrap yard owner will pay you on the spot for your vehicle, which will come in handy if you have pressing bills that you would like to handle.

Donate Your Vehicle

Businesses and organizations in your town that raise funds for people in need may be willing to take your vehicle off your hands so that they can help an individual or family. If you are unsure of how to go about finding a charity that is need of vehicle donations, contact your local community center and inquire about ongoing projects that are designed to help people who live in your neighborhood.

Once you have found a reputable business that will assist with picking up your vehicle, make plans for the vehicle to be picked up from your home. After receiving a receipt that specifies that you donated your car, you may be able to use the receipt as a tax write off, which will help reduce taxes that you owe for the year.

Give Your Vehicle To Someone Who Is Able To Restore It

If you have a family member or friend who is mechanically inclined and who would be appreciative to receive your car as a gift, consider giving your vehicle so that restoration steps can begin.

A person who will truly value your vehicle and who will drive it once it is fixed will be grateful that you thought of them and you will feel good about not needing to junk the vehicle or leave it in your driveway for long lengths of time without the opportunity for it to be driven. Contact a company, like City Auto Wreckers, for more help.